who is in control?

Yesterday, I did something that I’ve been excitedly anticipating since I started writing The Assassin’s Wolf three and a half weeks ago. I got to the halfway point! With Chapter 20 completed, I have another 19 chapters (and one epilogue) to go before the first draft is finished and I can start the editing process.

I never expected that writing would go this quickly for me, but I’m also not surprised. Because, I gotta tell you, I am in love with this story. Bella and Boone are two of the most badass characters I’ve ever written about, and every twist and turn that they take me on has me itching to write the next chapter to see how things turn out. And as a side effect of that, I can’t do anything without thinking about my killer couple. That includes listening to music.

One of my musical obsessions is Halsey, an indie pop artist who has taken the world by storm in the past year. Since buying her album Badlands in August, I’ve probably listened to it about a hundred times. And while listening to her song “Control” the other day, I realized that it’s just one of the many things that makes me think of Bella and Boone. So, of course I had to share it with you guys!

The song is all about overcoming past pain to become “meaner than your demons” and regain control. In particular, the line “who is in control?” from the chorus really resonates with me. That’s a question heavily posed in this book. Who is in control? Bella? Boone? Or maybe it’s someone else entirely, someone who wishes to do them both harm.

I guess the closer I get to the ending, the clearer that answer will become.


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