me vs. technology

Look, I love technology. Really, I do. I’ve been a bit of a computer addict since I was in middle school. I met my wife online when we were like, twelve. (On a Harry Potter roleplay forum, no less, because we’re just that cool.) I am infinitely grateful for the internet, because, without it, I wouldn’t be able to do any of the research I have to do for my writing. (Or, at the very least, it would take me much longer and cost me $5 to get a card for the public library.) I have spent the past week obsessively playing the new Kendall and Kylie game on my iPhone. (Do not judge me. Those outfits are fire.)

But sometimes, technology has a way of really, really letting me down. A few weeks ago, I was innocently using my laptop, browsing Zillow to look for my fantasy house working on edits for The Assassin’s Wolf, when my laptop decided it would be a really good time to blow up. And I mean that literally. The screen went black, smoke erupted from the keyboard, I thought that my bedsheets were going to catch on fire.

Thankfully, I had the foresight to pay an extra $100 to get a warranty on the computer, so the next day I dropped it off at Best Buy. For a month, they fiddled with the laptop, before sending it back with a new motherboard. I never got a real answer about why my computer suddenly decided to almost-burst-into-flames, but as long as it doesn’t do it ever again, I’m fine with that.

But because I’m the World’s Biggest Moron sometimes, I hadn’t backed up all of my recent book edits. And there were… a lot of them. Which meant that I lost about 75% of the changes that I’d made to the first draft of the book.

It’s frustrating, but it’s my own fault. (Well, a combination of my fault and the fault of the Robot Overlords who are probably responsible for my laptop’s suicide attempt.) Since getting my computer back a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been busy working on a revamped series bible for Gifted – which, hopefully, will lead to some exciting updates on that project very soon.

That’s finally over with, for now, and I can start up again on the edits to The Assassin’s Wolf. A month without a computer pushed my schedule back, but I’m determined to get back on course. I’m making a promise to myself that March is going to be the month. I will have these edits done before April. Query letters will start to go out in the next 30 days. I’m gonna make it happen.


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