Local Woman Shocked to Discover World Doesn’t Revolve Around Her

This sounds like the title of an Onion article.

Truth be told, the whole point of this post is to say that… I don’t really have much to post. And I’m kinda bummed about it.

The process is so slow. Maybe it’s slower for me than it is for others – maybe it isn’t. But it’s so slow. And it can get disheartening.

Juggling edits on The Assassin’s Wolf and rewriting Gifted at the same time was always a little difficult. But I’ve recently had to go back to freelance marketing writing, which takes up a great deal of my free time. And, to be perfectly transparent, I wrote the first draft of The Assassin’s Wolf while I was medicated for depression. I’m no longer on my meds now, a year later, and I can’t help but think it’s affecting my ability to get shit done. Both projects are moving along a little bit every day but it’s going by so much slower than I expected.

And that’s to say nothing of how long the process of getting Gifted turned into a TV show is taking. We hear news, exciting news, but the TV world moves at a snail’s pace. Months of nothing goes on between each bit of news.

That’s pretty much the whole post. I’m constantly screaming “I JUST WANT IT TO ALL BE DONE ALREADY” and it constantly just… isn’t. Which is frustrating, and disappointing, but there’s nothing to be done about it. As much as I might wish it did, the world doesn’t revolve around me. I can only do what I can do, and I’m trying to do as much as I can.

The Assassin’s Wolf is coming.

Gifted is coming even sooner than that – I think I’ve decided to officially only focus on this for right now, since splitting my focus isn’t helping anything.

When it’s coming, I don’t know. But I’m still here. I’m still writing. I’m still editing. One word at a time.


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