Current Projects

I am currently querying my very first young adult novel, THE DUPLICITY OF WITCHES. This is the story of witch Wyatt Croft, a trans boy who was betrothed to a fae prince when he was very young. Now it’s time for their contract to be called in, but Wyatt wants nothing to do with this marriage and decides to do whatever he can to get out of it. Unbeknownst to him, the prince needs this wedding to happen no matter what – or risk a coup in the kingdom.

TDOW is a story about conflicting needs and how being on opposing sides doesn’t always mean one person is good and another is evil. It is a contemporary fantasy filled with political intrigue, slow burn friends to enemies to potential lovers, and a full cast of LGBT and otherwise diverse characters.

I am also querying THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED, an urban fantasy novel set in New Orleans, with my co-author Case Maynard. It tells the story of Muriel Casey, a young woman with PTSD who’s found herself at the forefront of a war between angels and the monsters they’ve been working to keep out of Heaven. But as the story unfolds, Muriel has to come to terms with the fact that good and evil are subjective – especially when evil is always good in its version of events. And when she’s called to be a hero, Muriel has to fight back against the trauma that wants her to believe nothing, especially her own life, is worth saving.

TRATW is a story about overcoming our tragedies, seeing people for who they really are, and remembering the victors are the ones who get to write history. It’s got snarky one-sided-enemies to lovers, found family who would do anything for each other, and a full cast of diverse characters who reflect the world we live in.


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