Current Projects

I am currently in the middle of revisions for the latest version of THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED, a New Adult Urban Fantasy novel, with my co-author Case Maynard. This story has been in the works for over a decade, going through multiple incarnations, growing and evolving and becoming a passion project that both of us truly believe in.

TRATW tells the story of Meara Cassidy – adult orphan, reluctant survivor, and human caught in the affairs of angels. When mediocre coping skills and years of trauma clash with a hero’s destiny, Meara becomes the world’s most unenthusiastic chosen one.

I am also working quickly to finish the first draft of OUR WAYWARD BECOMING, a Young Adult Urban Fantasy about a group of five teenage witches living in a dying southern village. On the brink of entering adulthood, the group of friends struggle to deal with personal issues like family secrets, money troubles, and budding romances, while also trying to figure out how they’re going to keep their chosen family together as they grow up and go their own ways. OWB is also very LGBT centric as all 5 main characters are queer.

It is my goal to begin querying both of these novels by the end of 2018. I also hope to participate in PitMad on Twitter in December.


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