desires of the otherkind

Desires of the Otherkind is an adult paranormal romance series.

In her youth, Aria Spurlock decided never to fall in love. She cast a spell to turn her heart to ice – a spell that worked too well. Five hundred years later, she’s grown into a powerful witch and merciless hired gun. Unfeeling Aria doesn’t have time for complications. Instead, she makes a point to kill anything that might become one. Which is working just fine until she meets Boone Calhoun, one of her coven’s loathed werewolves next door. The first time he touches her, Aria’s spell comes undone.

Haunted by memories that turned his mind feral, Boone abandoned his pack years ago to live as a rogue wolf. Now, he’s returned to their swampy territory with a warning. The evil that once plagued their family is hunting them in the present. Before they can devise a plan, Boone meets Aria and the beast within him demands to claim her as his own.

Every clandestine encounter leaves Aria struggling to regain control and be the cold-hearted killer she’s always been. A killer she’ll have to be when the monster tracking Boone descends on the bayou and threatens to destroy them all.

Progress: Querying agents. Editing!


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