About Me

untitled-1My name is H.E. Edgmon. I’ve been called a lot of different things by a lot of different people. “Delusional social justice warrior,” “entitled millennial,” “shameless heathen,” and “militant homosexual” are some of my favorites. I would like to inform everyone that I’m also a writer.

All my life, I’ve been writing down anything and everything that popped into my head. Now, I’m trying to make a career of it. I write fantasy for teens and twenty-somethings. I’m especially fond of swampy settings, main characters who are both sad and powerful, sharp tongued antiheroes with good intentions, and families forged through bonds deeper than blood. And since there’s nothing quite like reliving old trauma, I like to explore the themes of religion, queerness, mental health, and body image that have shaped my own life.

When I’m not writing, I spend as much time as I can getting through my To-Be-Read pile and watch way too much Youtube. When I’m feeling especially masochistic, I like to catch up on current events and scream about them on Twitter. I do all of these things with my wife, dog, cat, and extended family in our home in southern Georgia.