About Me

PROFILE PICMy name is H.E. Edgmon. I’ve been called a lot of different things by a lot of different people. “Delusional social justice warrior,” “entitled millennial,” “shameless heathen,” and “militant homosexual” are some of my favorites. I’d also like to add that I’m a writer.

All my life, I’ve been writing down anything and everything that popped into my head. I’m especially fond of a good southern Gothic aesthetic, sad but powerful feminine leads, morally grey smart-asses with good intentions, and found families forged through bonds deeper than blood.

I’m currently working on the latest version of THE RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED with Case Maynard, which I hope to begin querying by the end of 2018. TRATW is a New Adult Urban Fantasy and the first book in the eventual THE NINE series. I’ve also got about a million ideas on my To-Be-Written list, and hope to start working on those as soon as possible.

My characters and their lives take up a large portion of my time, but I’m also a full time college student pursuing a degree in Educational Studies. When I’m not focusing on either of those things, I spend as much time as I can reading and watch way too much Youtube. When I’m feeling really masochistic, I like to catch up on current events and scream about them on Twitter. I do all of these things with my wife, dog, and cat, in our home in southern Georgia.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all. I can’t wait to see where this all takes me.