Out November 28, 2023! Sequel to follow in Spring of 2024.


Maybe I have always just been bad at being human because I’m not one.

American Gods meets All of Us Villains—in this epic first novel in a YA contemporary fantasy duology.

Sharp as a blade, twice as vicious, and an outstretched hand all at once. Absolutely unhinged and utterly unforgettable.
– Andrew Joseph White, bestselling author

A country-fried horror extravaganza you cannot miss!
– Adam Sass, award-winning author

Gem Echols is a nonbinary Seminole teen living in the tiny town of Gracie, Georgia. Known for being their peers’ queer awakening, Gem leans hard on charm to disguise the anxious mess they are beneath. The only person privy to their authentic self is another trans kid, Enzo, who’s a thousand long, painful miles away in Brooklyn.

But even Enzo doesn’t know about Gem’s dreams, haunting visions of magic and violence that have always felt too real. So how the hell does Willa Mae Hardy? The strange new girl in town acts like she and Gem are old companions, and seems to know things about them they’ve never told anyone else.

When Gem is attacked by a stranger claiming to be the Goddess of Death, Willa Mae saves their life and finally offers some answers. She and Gem are reincarnated gods who’ve known and loved each other across lifetimes. But Gem – or at least who Gem used to be – hasn’t always been the most benevolent deity. They’ve made a lot of enemies in the pantheon—enemies who, like the Goddess of Death, will keep coming.

It’s a good thing they’ve still got Enzo. But as worlds collide and the past catches up with the present, Gem will discover that everyone has something to hide.