I believe THE WITCH KING duology is a funny, romantic, and hopeful story about a gay, trans teenager coming to terms with himself and stepping into his power, in all kinds of magical and mundane ways. I believe it is the kind of story a lot of queer kids (and queer people of all ages) need—but I acknowledge some of the content is definitely not for everyone. I’m providing this list so you, potential reader, know what you’re getting into beforehand. Whether it helps you go into the story more prepared for what you might find or tells you to steer clear of it altogether, my goal here is to keep you safe.


  • Violence (including gore, arson, attempted murder, and murder)
  • Misgendering (accidental and intentional, including deadnaming—however, the deadname is not written out)
  • Abusive parents
  • Childhood sexual harassment and assault (harassment is graphic, assault is not)
  • Grooming/predatory behavior between an adult and a teenager
  • Infertility and miscarriage mention
  • On-page panic attack
  • Suicidal ideation and brief mentions of suicide
  • Drug use


  • Violence (including murder)
  • Gore and body horror
  • On-page panic attacks and dissocation
  • Graphic discussions of infanticide
  • Discussions of cannibalism
  • Off-page rape and discussions of childhood sexual abuse
  • Animal death
  • Discussions of gender dysphoria
  • Discussions of real-world racism wnd transphobia
  • Emetophobia
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